Our Story


The Institute for a Greater Europe is a youth-led pan-European think tank based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded as a small research group in 2018 with a small group of Dutch, French, German, and Russian students, IGE came into being in May 2018 as a think tank dedicated to exploring Greater Europe and supporting young professionals. In 2020, we became an official Non-profit organisation based in Brussels, and since then, we've sought to bridge cultural divides and foster a community of youth-based around shared values across Greater Europe. 








                                         EYE 2021                                                                     PITS LAUNCH 2021                                     

                                      First GA                                      Greater Europe Meetings in UNESCO, Paris 2018



We aim to do this through diverse and balanced writing, publications, interactive seminars with high-profile European leaders and scholars, workshops, events, and other publications such as our podcast. We're run by an ambitious team of youth volunteers, from various national and academic backgrounds, the Institute allows everyone to express their ideas in a variety of formats. We also publish a bi-yearly peer-reviewed journal, the Greater European Journal, and a magazine, Europe: Beyond. As a volunteer-run organisation with limited funding, the members of the Institute are very proud of its progress and expansion over recent months. 


Our Association is based upon the fundamental ideas that the youth of Greater Europe aspire to work and collaborate with, preparing the ground for the youth to contribute to European democracy and the next generation of leaders, in such a way that simultaneously emphasizes the diversity of Europe experience while preserving the diversity of Greater Europe's symbolism. We are continuing the legacy laid before us and fulfilling the values of the association, all whilst breathing new life into Greater Europe.


Eyes on the Future

As an organisation that actively promotes a process of mutual understanding and has its belief in cultivating the leaders of tomorrow, the Institute seeks to grow its membership into the hundreds, while creating a solid membership structure and applying for sustainable funding to support our activities. Furthermore, the Institute aims to involve itself more deeply with European projects, such as the European Youth Forum, European Solidarity Corps, and even Erasmus+. Ultimately, the Institute seeks to create an environment where young students and professionals express their ideas, network, and learn together, building upon a mutual understanding of and belief in “Greater Europe”.

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Greater Europe Meetings 2018
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