Our Story

Our work started in 2014 alongside the Youth Association for a Greater Europe, founded the year prior in Paris, France. The Institute itself was founded in 2018 through a joint effort of the Youth Association, becoming a registered NGO in Belgium in Summer, 2020.









   Our original Logo in 2014                                    Greater Europe Meetings in UNESCO, Paris 2018

Our Association is based upon the fundamental ideas that the youth of Greater Europe aspire to work and cooperate together. To enhance this we wish to build up youth projects, organise conferences, form partnerships between private and public institutions with youth empowerment at the core and finally to give youth a platform to discuss, debate and discover other enthusiastic individuals in this Greater European Community.

Our Institute was originally founded under the name of the Greater Europe Think Tank by one of the founders of the Association, Lara Kaute, the first President of the Youth Association for a Greater Europe.

After writing many pieces and bringing together an academic community around, the Think Tank became silent for many years, before our most former chair and vice-chair, Amand Rossum and Philippe Lefevre, brought it back.

Now we are continuing the legacy laid before us and fulfilling the values of the association, all whilst breathing new life into Greater Europe. The Think Tank has now been redesigned as the Institute for a Greater Europe, and seeks to primarily be a platform for interested Youth writers to produce and debate and also create compelling and well-informed research surrounding contemporary issues that face Greater Europe today.

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Greater Europe Meetings 2018