The Institute is recruiting its next generation of young and diverse board

members to base in its new office in Brussels! This new and exciting step will

see the Institute connect with institutions in Brussels and beyond with an

energetic team at its helm. If you are interested, read below at the positions

available and get in contact with us as soon as possible!

Available Positions

General Secretary

  • The General Secretary is in charge of all membership and administrative matters for the Institute. With over 50 members across 12 different countries it will be a challenging job to manage alongside our innovative chapter structure! They will also be in charge of keeping the Institute’s deadlines and deputising the whole institute when necessary. Suited to a more analytical and goal-oriented person


  • As the Institute grows partnerships and funding will become key for a successful organisation. The Treasurer will be in charge of financial matters of the institute as well as grant applications. If you’re a wizz with a spreadsheet and an inquisitive mind for money then this is for you!


                                                                                       • A think tank can only be as good as its academics and the editor-in-                                                                                                   chief is the most important part of this. As well as managing out 10                                                                                                     strong editorial team, the editor-in-chief is in charge of our registered                                                                                               Greater European Journal as well as managing the workflow of articles                                                                                             from people across the world! A good mind and strong sense of                                                                                                          editorial skills are needed for this position

Director of Communications

  • Are you the kind of person who just can’t wait to connect people together? Well then director of communications might be for you! We need people to help manage our communications all the way from the local and chapter level, to the entire membership and partners!  You will also be involved, along with the Gen-Sec at finding partners and sponsors for our growing think tank

Who are we?


The Institute itself is a youth-led non-profit think tank focussed on European integration, pan-European issues and the place of Europe in the wider world. Through our diverse and non-partisan writing, we seek to encourage a new generation of Europeans and Policy makers to connect our world ever closer together.

The positions of board members are best taken alongside university level studies. Whilst there is no age limit, these positions are non-remunerated and every cent goes back into the publications and members who support us. 

There is also no set amount of work required per week, but it is necessary to put at least 5h a week as a committed board member as well as regular meetings in the city. As always, we are flexible and can work alongside any situation of member, so don’t worry, we will definitely help!

Equal gender and ethnic representation in think tanks is highly unbalanced, help us by applying or promoting to anyone interested!

All applicants are requested to submit a CV in English and a one-page motivation letter to


Following a successful review, the candidate will be invited for an interview with the Chairman and the former board member.

All applications will receive feedback and will be invited to become members of the Institute no matter what!

Deadline for candidacy is the 1st of November

If you have any questions, please contact us at or just send us a message here!

Executive Board Recruitment

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