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Here at the Institute, we also focus on some key aspects of European relations globally. In this sense, the Institute’s Global Europe Studies Chairs serve as a further example of its commitment to European values, cultivating a space for students that are eager to have their voice heard to contribute to the realization of Greater Europe which is not restricted to the European politics on the Continent. Each of these Studies Teams is headed up by a chair, supported by editors, and there is selective recruitment for writers of these Chairs. 

The Institute has recently established an EU-Americas Studies Department in recognition of the need to locate Europe’s role and responsibilities in the broader American region, not limited to simply the United States. 

Chair of EU - Americas Studies

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Rossemberg Maza

Chair of EU-Americas Studies



Rossemberg Maza holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Lancaster and is currently enrolled in the Diplomacy, Business, and Trade Master's program at Loughborough University London Campus. Born in Tabasco, Mexico his work primarily focuses on Development Economics. Particularly, the growth and development of the larger American continent.  As chair of EU/America studies, Rossemberg oversees the creation of content pertaining to the wider American region (North, Central, South, and Caribbean) and its importance and influence in Europe.

Catherine Carrey

Vice-Chair of EU-Americas Studies


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Catherine is currently in the final stages of a degree in Communication Science at the University of the Republic, Uruguay. Her work focuses mainly on human rights, intercultural relations, social affairs, and international policy. Additionally, Catherine has journalism experience as well as experience working for global companies. As Vice-chair as well as for the future Catherine aspires to contribute significantly to international matters through her interest in Europe’s relationship with the Americas in areas such as politics, culture, education, and gender equality.

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Ariel Toh
EU-AM Editor
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Ariel is a graduate in Accounting & Finance, with a major in Sustainable Energy Systems and Energy Policies. After studying at the Florence School of Regulation, Ariel continued to work in the public sector as a publication editor for research reports and assisting energy consortiums in international relations to sustainability transformation and climate adaptation strategies across Europe. Ariel interests include renewables, energy democracy, humans rights in relation to sustainable development, environmental policies, and socio-economic policies advocating sustainable development planning at Europe and vulnerable communities.

Ladan Kambi
EU-AM Editor
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Ladan Kambi is currently pursuing an MSc in Diplomacy, Politics, and Trade. She also has an undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations. Throughout the years, her interests in Sustainable Development and Developmental Politics have shaped her perspective and thus the experiences she has gained. She believes that awareness is key, having tried different avenues to achieve this: through writing content for various media outlets, as well as previously posting her blog content, so that she can personally ensure that individuals around her are well versed in political affairs, particularly issues that are not in the mainstream media. In addition to this, Ladan loves working on youth-led projects as she believes the next generation will tackle these many issues, so being at the forefront of this at the Institute of Greater Europe is an honour and a unique opportunity for her.

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Olga Kwasnicka
EU-AM Editor
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Olga graduated with an MA in Sustainable Heritage Management, having previously studied Human, Social and Political Sciences. During her Master’s she has been fascinated by developments in the heritage field (like efforts at decolonizing museums) that challenge accepted relationships to the past; moving away from a supposedly neutral historical stance, towards critical interrogation and social responsibility. Her particular interests lie in the intersection of cultural and natural heritage, and an integrated view that fosters a more sustainable engagement with our environment. Apart from reading and writing, Olga is quite crazy about bouldering and loves to meet new people.

Carlos Jalil
EU-AM Editor

Carlos is an editor focusing on EU-Americas affairs at the Institute. He holds a B.Sc. in International Relations from the University of Navarra in Spain and an LL.M. in International and EU Law from Riga Graduate School of Law in Latvia. Currently based in Belgium, Carlos works in the private sector where he specializes in international trade. Besides his native Spanish, he is fluent in English and German, with a basic knowledge of Russian. His main areas of interest include environmental and trade policies as well as EU-Americas relations at large. In his spare time, he enjoys learning languages and volunteering for local initiatives.

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  • Catherine Carrey - Vice-Chair

  • Julian Escobar

  • Ojaswi Sumbh 

  • Richard Puppin

  • Siobhan Cuffe

  • Ylenia De Riccardis

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