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Here at the Institute, we also focus on some key aspects of European relations globally. In this sense, the Institute’s Global Europe Studies Chairs serve as a further example of its commitment to European values, cultivating a space for students that are eager to have their voice heard to contribute to the realization of Greater Europe which is not restricted to the European politics on the Continent. Each of these Studies Teams is headed up by a chair, supported by editors, and there is selective recruitment for writers of these Chairs. 

The Chair of EU/Asia-Pacific Studies has published several research papers aiming to explore the cultural, political, and economic ties between Europe and Asia-Pacific, as well as provide in-depth analysis of the EU’s Asia-Pacific strategy. 

Chair of EU - Asia Pacific Studies


Timothée Albessard

Former Chair of EU - AP Studies


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Timothée is a Postgraduate student of International Relations at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris). He also holds a BSc in French literature from the Sorbonne. He is specialized in contemporary Japan’s defense policy and he currently studies Japan’s military and civil nuclear issues.

Antonio Meleca

Deputy Chair of EU - AP Studies


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Antonio Meleca, former contributor and current Deputy of the Institute’s Chair of EU-Asia/Pacific Studies, is a Toronto-born Italian-Canadian currently based in Rome. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa at the University of Turin, writing his final dissertation at Saitama University in Japan. Currently, he is earning a master’s degree in International Relations and Institutions of Asia and Africa at the University of Naples L’Orientale. Additionally, he has recently joined the IFAD Youth Network, both as a board member and the communications team Co-Chair. Antonio speaks English, Italian and Japanese and is passionate about international relations, sustainable development, human rights, and the inclusion of youth, women, and minorities in decision-making.

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Adriana Russo - Inseec Grande École, Paris

Antonio Meleca - University of Naples L’Orientale

Dhyia Boubtane - Sciences Po, Paris

Lucrezia Rossi - College of Europe, Bruges

Xiaowen Hu - College of Europe, Bruges


Ayumi Haremaki - Vassar College Graduate, NY

Nikhil Dongol - Kathmandu Law School, Kathmandu

Publications from the EU - Asia Pacific Studies