YAGE (Youth Association for a Greater Europe)

The Youth Association for a Greater Europe is our parent organisation, it runs educational and cultural events all over Europe and has been functioning since 2012. 

Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa FOMOSO, Switzerland

FOMOSO is a swiss-based organisation dedicated to strengthening European integration in Eastern and Southern Europe. It publishes articles and runs events seeking to establish Europe as a stronger idea.

Internationalism, India

Internationalism is an association dedicated to studying and communicating with international law in all ways, across the Indian subcontinent and beyond

Bridge Europe, European-Wide

BridgeEurope is a European-wide non-profit organization which works on improving democracy by creating the next generation of informed, engaged, and constructive citizens.

With three chapters in Europe, 40 in the United States, and 4 in Africa, BridgeEurope is part of a truly global movement to change our political culture for the better.

Find out more about them here:


Politik:Perspektive is a German issues based journal working in Leeds. Founded by students it works to understand the German speaking world and its politics, publishing bi-yearly journals to this effect!

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