YAGE (Youth Association for a Greater Europe)

The Youth Association for a Greater Europe is our parent organisation, it runs educational and cultural events all over Europe and has been functioning since 2012. 

Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa FOMOSO, Switzerland

FOMOSO is a swiss-based organisation dedicated to strengthening European integration in Eastern and Southern Europe. It publishes articles and runs events seeking to establish Europe as a stronger idea.

Impact Consulting, United Kingdom

Impact Consulting is a pro-bono consulting company settled in the middle of University pro-bono and corporate pro-bono consulting. They are utilising Consultants from both Universities and professional service firms, as well as industry professionals. They work alongside non-profit, social enterprise and start-up organisations and adopt virtual-based teams to serve clients across all geographic regions

Internationalism, India

Internationalism is an association dedicated to studying and communicating with international law in all ways, across the Indian subcontinent and beyond

Bridge Europe, European-Wide

BridgeEurope is a European-wide non-profit organization which works on improving democracy by creating the next generation of informed, engaged, and constructive citizens.

With three chapters in Europe, 40 in the United States, and 4 in Africa, BridgeEurope is part of a truly global movement to change our political culture for the better.

Find out more about them here:


Politik:Perspektive is a German issues based journal working in Leeds. Founded by students it works to understand the German speaking world and its politics, publishing bi-yearly journals to this effect!

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