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Our Story

The Institute for a Greater Europe provides a unique opportunity for youth interested in European affairs to benefit from each others’ insights and experiences, and build networks of like-minded individuals. Members can further their understanding of political, social and historical issues, enhance their writing skills by contributing to the editorial team, and meet new people during conferences, events and exchange schemes.

Unlike lots of think tanks, The Institute welcomes youth with any political leanings to participate. The Institute for a Greater Europe has a particularly important role today as European politics has become increasingly isolationist, and sceptical of cross-border co-operation. Being a donor will enable you to contribute to this unique project which enables Europe’s future leaders to unite and seek a Greater Europe. Your money will help ensure European youth can work together for a stable, prosperous future.

Where will your money go?

Your money will go on administrative costs essential for The Institute to run smoothly, such as email and website domains. The Institute also requires funding to carry out its core activities such as publishing bi-yearly policy journals and events in Brussels and beyond