The Editorial Team of the IGE

IGE would not exist without an editorial team. We put a great deal of focus on our editorial team. The team has helped us go from mere proofreading to helping guide the Institute's direction and new initiatives. If you wish to join IGE, please check out our Join us page, because we would be happy to work with you! 

Valentin Luntumbue
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Hailing from Brussels, Valentin holds degrees in Sociology, History, International Relations and European Studies, after studying in Belgium, Spain and Russia. An EEAS alumnus, he also worked as an academic assistant at the College of Europe. He now works as a Belgian civil servant. His interests include issues of democratisation, minority rights, civil society, EU-Eastern Partnership relations and Central Asia.

Diego Sánchez
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
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Diego is a Law graduate student in Barcelona, originally from Peru, currently pursuing a Master's of Laws and a Postgraduate Diploma on EU Environmental Law. He considers himself greatly involved in researching and seeking, from a legal perspective, solutions to the issues currently affecting the international community. His primary research areas are, namely, International and European law (including International Human Rights Law), as well as International Relations. He believes there is no possible way to encourage everyone to contribute actively to solve an issue if no knowledge on what is currently taking place is available, a reason why he considers the role of sharing and discussing opposite viewpoints enriching to participate in change.

Elena Ruxandra Seniuc​

Elena Ruxandra Seniuc is an editor focusing on Central and Southern European Affairs of the Institute. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from the University of Durham and is one of the recipients of the OSCE-UNODA Scholarship for Peace and Security. She was also part of the Romanian Government Internship Programme as an Intern in the Crime Prevention Directorate at the Ministry of Justice and has previously worked in the archive research sector. Her main interests include transnational and international crime, international security, frozen conflicts and conflict resolution with a focus on Post-Soviet States, Central Europe and the Balkans.

Martyna Hanak

Martyna is a 4th year student of Law with European Legal Studies at the University of Aberdeen. Originally from Poland, she spent the past few years in Scotland and Belgium. Her interest in international affairs blossomed after an internship at the American Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw. Her main areas of expertise include environmental and energy policies as well as UK politics at large. Having been writing for most of her life, editing seems like a natural progression for her. In her spare time she enjoys learning languages and volunteering for local climate initiatives.

Jack Lashendock

Jack Lashendock is a First-Year student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy where he is pursuing his Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) in the fields of international security studies and multilateral diplomacy. He has spent time studying and conducting research in Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, driven by a passion to understand the complexities of the world. Professionally, Jack has found success in public service, interning with elected officials in the US Senate and Massachusetts state government, and working for the US Department of Commerce to conduct the 2020 American Decennial Census. In 2019, he was named a Fellow of the Fred Fielding Center for Presidential Leadership Study at Gettysburg College to work with US State Department Diplomacy Lab in Washington, D.C, and Podgorica, Montenegro. Jack’s academic interests include multilateral diplomacy, peacekeeping, and international organizations, as well as American government and history.

Adith Srinivasan

Adith Srinivasan is an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, where he is currently pursuing a Master of Arts with Honours in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE). Originally hailing from the United States, he served as a ‘Youth Ambassador’ to Germany for the U.S. Department of State in 2019-2020, as a recipient of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Study Abroad Scholarship. It was here that he first discovered and became immersed in the European idea. Adith’s academic interests include the political economy of development, the politics of time, and international security. When he is not reading or writing, he can be found learning new languages and polishing new pieces on the classical guitar.

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Stephan Raab
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Stephan Raab is a studied political scientist, committed to the European idea. Coming from Nuremberg, he has been working at various spots all over Europe, as also in the European Parliament. He considers Europe more than a region. According to him, Europe is an idea of bringing people together. During his free time, he enjoys reading about philosophy and history, learning languages or discovering places near and far, having a chat with locals.

Nikhil Dongol



Nikhil Dongol is a law graduate from Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal. His subjects of interest are Public International Law and Labour Laws. He has an experience of three years as a senior associate editor in the Kathmandu School of Law Review (KSLR). His motivations include learning new things, socializing and building networks with people to get involved in research culture and foster academic discourse through writing.

Mimi Champreeda



Pornnapat is a recent graduate from University of Melbourne with a BS in Chemistry. She is currently based in Bangkok, after having spent a nice decade in Australia where she calls her second home. Her interests lie in EU-Asia relations, feminism/gender equality and sustainability. In her natural habitat, she is found either reading Western literatures or drinking more coffee.

Dyuti Pandya
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Dyuti Pandya is currently pursuing her master's in International Trade Law at Gujarat Maritime University, India  Her main areas of interest and study are law and public policy, international relations, and diplomacy. Entering law school, her interests were shaped in international politics and foreign affairs, most specifically in understanding the scenarios of Asia, Europe, and the USA. She plans to continue her study in this field of academia and research in the near future. She currently serves as the academics coordinator for Students for Liberty South Asia, wherein she actively likes to engage others in creating an open and civil discourse of thoughts and ideas. In her free time, she likes to read and sketch. 

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Lei Nguyen
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Lei Nguyen is a Writer for the Social and Labour Affairs Bureau. She is currently a gap year student who has a great deal of firsthand experience in social media management and creative/content writing. Her writings have been published in Saigoneer, Urbanist Hanoi, IVolunteer International, and