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Winter 2021
The Future of an Autonomous European Union


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The Managing Editor Jack Lashendock

Editor-in-Chief Valentin Luntumbue

Supporting Editor Ayumi Harmaki

Supporting Editor Ruxandra Seniuc

Graphic Design Marta Mendez

IGE Chairman Philippe Lefevre

Philippe Lefevre: Updates from the Institute

Samantha Hubner: Belfast to Balkh

How the precedent set by the Northern Ireland Women's coalition can bring peace and revitalize women's rights in Afghanistan

Fiona Davis: Space Debris

The solution to this self-created problem may lie with private innovation not legal norms

Arcangelo Leone & Edoardo Bombardieri: Globalism and the Path to European Strategic Autonomy

Photo Series: Democracy in Action

Carl Hokayem (@carlk8photography) -  Lebanon

Przemek Krysiak and Alicja Rajpert - Poland

Stephan Raab and Ruxandra Seniuc: The IGE Book Review and Reading List

Stephan Raab - Disasters and History by Bas van Bavel

Jack Lashendock: De-escalating Tensions at the Top of the world

A proposal for Sino-Indian Peace in the Himalayas