Contributing to the Institute

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What we Publish

The Institute publishes four main types of articles: Commentary Pieces, Op-Eds Research Briefings and Policy Reviews, in English only. In the future, we are aiming to extend our publications section to a multilingual one in order to create inclusiveness. 

Commentary Pieces and Op-Eds are smaller, less in-depth pieces and form the bulk of the Institute's work.

  • They revolve around current affairs  and seek to show diverse viewpoints on certain topics of interest or a personal perspective on an issue;

  • They should be between 800 and 1200 words, not including footnotes or bibliography;

  • The style is up to the writers themselves and should reflect the commentary that the writer wishes to give;

Research Briefings and Policy Reviews are in-depth research pieces that represent the backbone of the Institute

  • These must be more substantial, researched pieces which look at current or past policy, review it and analyse the subject in detail, providing new ideas to the subject;

  • They should be between 1500-2000 words and include an abstract

  • The style should be more professional and academic but remain easily fluid and readable.

A Designer's and an Illustrator's Role

As a designer or an illustrator, your role will be that of creating visual content that supports our work. Therefore, you will need to put your creativity and originality into practice and design materials that convey a message or explain certain ideas. Your will also assist us with our latest project – our bi-yearly journal! If interested, you can contribute to writing too and eventually take a stronger role within the association.

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