The Editorial Team of IGE

Without the Editorial Team, IGE would not exist. We put a great amount of focus on our editorial team. The team helps us from mere proofreading to helping guide the direction and new initiatives of the Institute, If you wish to join IGE, please check out our Join us page and we would be happy to work with you 

Valentin Lutumbue


Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, Valentin is an alumnus of the College of Europe, institution for which he would later work as an academic assistant. An avid writer and passionate by international affairs in general – and Eurasia in particular – Valentin lived, worked and studied in Madrid, Cambridge, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Barcelona and Warsaw before settling down back in Brussels. He joined the board as Editor-in-chief in 2019

Edward Zeinoun

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

After getting his BA in political sciences and international affairs at the Lebanese American University, Edward decided to move to Leuven to start his master’s in International Politics and be in close proximity to the capital of Europe. HIs interests lie in environmental politics and human rights, and particularly when those two fields are involved in EU-Middle East relations. Most of his experience lies with municipalities in the suburbs of Beirut and their local development projects. Apart from politics, he also has a big interest in languages, and never lets go of an opportunity to learn a new one

Ayumi Haremaki

Ayumi Haremaki recently graduated from Vassar College in the US with a BA in History. She additionally has studied in Geneva, Switzerland, and was heavily involved in an NGO working on sustainability and art at Vassar. Although born in Japan, she calls New York City her home. Her academic interests lie in international human rights and human rights history. 


Diego Sanchez

Diego is a second-year Law student in Barcelona, originally from Peru, he considers himself greatly involved in researching and seeking, from a legal perspective, solutions to the issues currently affecting the international community. His primary research areas are, namely, International and European law (including International Human Rights Law), as well as International Relations. He believes there is no possible way to encourage everyone to contribute actively to solve an issue if no knowledge on what is currently taking place is available, a reason why he considers the role of sharing and discussing opposite viewpoints enriching to participate in change. To sum up, he loves writing and enjoying a comedy or action film, without omitting my desire to always taste new flavours from the multiple cultures around the world every time he gets the chance to travel.

Jack Lashendock

Jack Lashendock is a Fourth Year student pursuing an International Affairs and Political Science dual major, with minors in History and Middle East and Islamic Studies at Gettysburg College in America. Dedicated to figuring out how the world works, he has spent time studying in Geneva, Switzerland and is deeply involved in Model United Nations, where competition has taken him across North America and Europe. This upcoming academic year, Jack has been selected as a 2019-2020 Fielding Undergraduate Fellow to work with U.S. State Department Diplomacy Lab in Washington, D.C and Podgorica, Montenegro.


He currently serves as the Vice President of his College’s Student Senate and the Co-Founder and Secretary General of Conference Logistics of GettMUN. His areas of academic focus include global diplomacy, international peacekeeping, regional organizations, as well as American government and history


Dayle Harvey

Dayle is a Canadian expatriate presently living in Belgium. After receiving a Bachelor’s in International Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Ottawa, she moved to Leuven where she is completing a Master of International Politics. Dayle has worked and studied in Spain, France and South Korea throughout her career and continues to engage in international assignments as much as possible. In her spare time, she keeps busy learning languages and playing sports. In her work as a researcher Dayle continues to participate in global affairs by learning about security and defence from a European perspective.

Stephen Raab

Stephan Raab is a studied political scientist, committed to the European idea. Coming from Nuremberg, he has been working at various spots all over Europe, as also in the European Parliament. He considers Europe more than a region. According to him, Europe is an idea of bringing people together. During his free time, he enjoys reading about philosophy and history, learning languages or discovering places near and far, having a chat with locals.

Nikhil Dongol

Nikhil Dongol is a BALLB (law) student at Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal. His subjects of interest are Public International Law and Criminal Law. He has an experience of two years as associate editor in the Kathmandu School of Law Review (KSLR). His motivations include learning new things, socializing and building networks with people to get involved in research culture and foster academic discourse through writing.

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