Chairs of Studies

Here at the Institute we like to also focus on some key aspects of European relations around the world. To this extent, we have created chairs of regiona European studies for important relations around the world. Each of these Studies are headed up by a chair, supported by editors, and there is a selective recruitment for writers of these Chairs. Check out our current Chairs below, and if you are interested in helping us create more, reach out to us on !

Chair of EU - Asia Pacific Studies


Timothée Albessard

Chair of EU - AP Studies

Timothée is a Postgraduate student of International Relations at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris). He also holds a BSc in French literature from the Sorbonne. He is specialized in contemporary Japan’s defense policy and he currently studies Japan’s military and civil nuclear issues.


Adriana Russo - Inseec Grande École, Paris

Antonio Meleca - Sophia University, Tokyo

Dhyia Boubtane - Sciences Po, Paris

Lucrezia Rossi - College of Europe, Bruges

Xiaowen Hu - College of Europe, Bruges


Ayumi Haremaki - Vassar College Graduate, NY

Nikhil Dongol - Kathmandu Law School, Kathmandu

Publications from the Chair of EU - Asia Pacific Studies (Coming Soon)


Chair of EU - America Studies


We are on the lookout for a dedicated atlanticist looking to explore European and American relations, spanning the continent entire. The chair will be in charge of recruitment of writers, administration, and direction of the Chair, and should be a student of recent graduate with academic experience or understanding of the region.

Please reach out to to express your interest with a CV and Motivation Letter