• Veronica Guranda-Baczyński

The Silent Protest Nobody Talks About

“As citizens, we must prevent wrongdoing because the world in which we all live, wrong-doer, wrong sufferer and spectator, is at stake.” ― Hannah Arendt

We must prevent wrongdoing. As a citizen of Moldova, I was moved by Hannah Arendt’s words to set the record straight about current events in my country. The silent protest nobody talks about is the suffering which occurs every time injustice and corruption kill dreams and aspirations and push the citizens of Moldova towards more hardship. Please, do not steal our protest and use it for your own purposes. In this narrative I do not focus on the pro-EU, pro-democracy, pro-Russian, pro-Romania, or pro-anything else forces. These labels are misleading. The government about which the Moldovan people voice their concerns is not pro-European, and the people protesting are not pro-Russian. There are parties that try to steer the crowds towards chanting one slogan or another, but it is the people as a whole who experience injustice and it is the population of Moldova, not any one party, which wants a better life and transparency when decisions are made.

Thus my story is about…surprise, surprise…the PEOPLE. The world is full of competing political and business agendas which disregard people and their lives, goals, hopes and aspirations. I do not wish to live in a world where the concept of kindness and the faith in humanity is lost. Hence, this is my attempt to write a true story and address a particular kind of wrongdoing: the dissemination of a convenient fairy tale about how and why, once upon a time, somewhere in the East, the people of a poor and disregarded little state stormed their own Parliament…