• Alejandro Marx

The Youth Association for a Greater Europe working for a common space for Youth from the EU, CIS and


The Youth Association for a Greater Europe (YAGE) is an organisation created in 2012 to foster relations between youth from the EU, CIS countries and the Balkans in the context of cultural exchange. This initiative is the first of its kind in the European context. Headed by Lara Kaute, the association supports projects where youth from the region work and collaborate together. It counts more than 30 full-time members based in France, Germany, Russia, Moldova, the United Kingdom and more.

In addition to organising conferences throughout the year and inviting researchers and speakers from a large spectrum of areas of study, the Association organises a week-long Forum between the 28th of July and the 3rd of August. This year, we are having more than 200 participants that are looking on ways to resolve the issues affecting the youth of the EU, CIS and the Balkans. This fo