• Philippe Lefevre

The European Parliament – Time to Shine

It is clear to see that the European Union is under stress. Brexit is looming and the British have only really started negotiating a year after triggering article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the right wing Eurosceptic parties have manifested all over Europe and been shockingly successful. Finally, the outgoing Junker Commission are in a scandal of their own due to the promotion of Martin Selmayr alongside other careerist promotions such as Alessandro Chiochett as sources like Politico have revealed (1). It seems that the Commission has a lot on their hands and could be taking too much jurisdiction for only one of the institutions of the EU.

The Parliament, while technically the first institution listed in Article 13 of the Treaty of the European Union, has not been as lucky as the Commission to wield the democratic power that they have without full legislative or budgetary authority. This is owing to their role in the ordinary legislative position being split with the Council of the European Union, budgets only being approved and not written by the Parliament. However, I will argue that in these darker times, the Parliament has all the skills necessary to restore the balance of power within the European Union and restore the trust that has been evaporating in the European Union.

Firstly, we see with Brexit that the European Parliament has taken initiative away from