• Kapinos Elizaveta, Dontsov Denis

The current Franco-German axis in the EU: relations with the US and Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with U.S. President Donald Trump walking by | Armando Babani/EPA

The research paper prepared for the international conference “Global Europe” held on 18 May in HSE, Moscow by Kapinos Elizaveta and Dontsov Denis

The modern international affairs suffer from instability in all regions of our world. The global trend is the emergence of the multi-polar world in return for the one-polar system of IA with the leading role of the US. This process is accompanied by the appearance of the new actors in the IA and changes in the roles of the existing players. As a vivid example, the EU which used to be called the most advanced integration in the world is now under rethinking of the idea of European integration. The inner problems resulted in the ongoing crisis. The end of this crisis is impossible to foretell. That is why it is highly important to analyze the current situation in the EU for understanding of the bilateral relations of the European integration with the US and Russia.