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The Allahabad and Diwali Connect – an Indian Inspiration

Image: Part of the Diwali celebrations in Allahbad

I sometimes ponder out upon being in Allahabad and as to how this festival of lights, hope and passionate peace becomes so instrumental and important for a family, and a community in India. Several diverse communities have their differential prerequisites to celebrate this festival, and this different tradition becomes a beautiful way of life for a city like Allahabad (termed as Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh in India). Sometimes, it is cheeky, but this resembles a beautiful rooted history, which delights us so much for the relishing cause of celebration.

The Ramayana connect is embedded with Awadh (especially Ayodhya), and the role of Narayan or Lord Vishnu as in Hindu Mythology, becomes important to reconsider and commemorate the sweet beauty that lines the streets of Civil Lines and Chowk. Here, celebration is not as embellished. We manifest an enjoyment of naughty adventures among people. It becomes cranky sometimes that during those worship times, when the chants on Lakshmi and Ganesh are in furtherance, the rattling mischief of crackers, and inter-religious relevance wherein even Catholics, Bengalis and Muslims rejoice together as we do with a phenomenal Christmas, a nice Id and Navratri every year.

The most phenomenal connection embedded is the Hanuman Jayanti that we celebrate very year in Civil Lines. It is a unique religious festival just one day before Diwali, which is regarded as a cherished and colourful commemoration of the birth of Lord Hanuman as in Ramayana. Nevertheless, all of this is determined and put into a cultural success by the pace, peace and pursuit of happiness, contentment and harmony that this city, my home possesses.

I wish a Happy Deepawali to all!


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