• Abhivardhan

How Right-Wing Capitalist Politicism in Africa and India can teach Europe and Asia

Image: The Circulation of Money Fountain found in Aachen, Germany. © Photo by Jim Linwood


It seems that the development of African countries is interestingly enduring; this is contradictory to those institutions which demand nationalist prerogatives. So how is it possible to harmonise development policy with nationalist tendencies? One of the brightest examples which can inspire us is to be observed in India and other Asiatic states, where we learn how we can act resiliently and bring forth solutions via simple social and entrepreneurial initiatives. This piece features a simple configuration over the same frugalities that are existent and affecting the international community.

A Special Insight into Africa and India: An Inspirational Prerogative to Consider

Africa is great. The African people know how to develop. Their skills, like the innovative Asians, are awesome at their entrepreneurial initiatives which affect moderate development. And I know that they shall develop at a pace that nobody expected. However, the genuine factor that is lost is its recognition.

People see Africa as a poor economy. China misused this perception and applied loaning suppression[1] on them. China is not benefiting those countries[2]. Zimbabwe is learning and understanding after those cross influences. The Seychelles and Nigeria are thriving and can still endeavour to do better. Ethiopia, for example, has recently proved in its industrial and social developments that it can indeed do better.[3].