• Hashem Khalidi, Anna Korienieva, Ceyhun Əliyev

The Institute Presents: Traditions of New Year's

With 2020 now approaching, and all of us for sure dosy at the food and drink, we at the Institute want to once again present you with some of the traditions our members followed for New years! A moment to reflect on the past and the future. WIth this in mind, we hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family and that your 2020 is just as good as the last year and better!

Dressing up as Bears in Romania!

Source: CultureTrip © Alex Dima

Noemi Akopian – Yerevan, Armenia

In Armenia, the holiday season begins on New Year's Eve. On December 31, families and friends sit down for big holiday feast and exchange gifts at the stroke of midnight.

Since most people live in apartment buildings, Santa Claus cannot climb down the chimney to deliver presents to the children. So, he either leaves them on the doorstep, ri