• Timothée Albessard

“The darkness drops again”: The Rise of Anti-Semitism in France

On January 26th, the French Ministry of the Interior released its yearly statement about anti-religious, anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic acts, noting a 27% rise in anti-Semitic acts in 2019 (compared with the previous year)[1]. 2018 also proved to be a dire watershed in the history of contemporary French anti-Semitism, with a 74% rise [2]. Such ominous figures inevitably raise the question of their interpretation: is anti-Semitism gaining momentum in France? Is it becoming more casual than before to openly take part in anti-Semitic acts and speeches? Are there new causes for anti-Semitism, along with the evil roots of our recent past? “The darkness drops again”, Yeats wrote, fearing the “second coming” of a catastrophe; this article aims at studying the causes of this renewed darkness.

It is important to start with a study of the analytical tools used to produce these statistics, insofar as they reveal major divides.

Firstly, these figures are not calculated by a single governmental body