• Abhivardhan

Policy Briefing on the White Paper on AI released by the European Commission on February 19, 2020


The European Commission (hereinafter, the Commission) released a White Paper on AI on February 19, 2020 “On Artificial Intelligence - A European Approach to Excellence & Trust”(Ec.europa.eu, 2020), which is centred on an excellence-aiming approach to foster AI and democratize its usefulness, and recognizing and resolving its potential risks when it comes to using it in the European infrastructure. The paper is based on certain basic conundrums that build a vision of a technocentric AI infrastructure under the von der Leyen Commission (von der Leyen, 2019), which are 1. Trust as a Constructive Policy Grundnorm; 2. Reinventing the Free Market Economy Approach; 3. Calibrating the limitations of the Liability Framework Approach; 4. A Risk-Assessment-First Approach; 5. Elevating the Role of Stakeholders’ Maximum Participation in AI Governance and Regularization; 6. Recognizing the Changing Dynamic of AI as a Legal and Technological System and its relatio