• Silvia Naydenova

EU Covid-19 Coordinated Response: Reality or Wishful Thinking?

‘The coronavirus crisis is not just a national crisis. It’s a European crisis, and it needs to be treated as such.’ Maurizio Massari, Italian Permanent Representative to the European Union.[i]

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Europe is amid a global pandemic, which is quickly transforming into a substantial challenge for the European Union. This is not striking at all. One reason is that EU institutions have had a long history of struggling to handle various crises, such as the Eurozone crisis and the Migrant crisis, two of its most severe downturns. The Coronavirus crisis is on its way to becoming another impactful disruption to the basic principles that bind the Union. We are witnessing a medical and humanitarian crisis rapidly morphing into an economic and diplomatic one, which could potentially give fertile ground to concerning trends such as distrust in the EU, nationalism and far-right populism. These are proving to be once again critical times in which decisive and coordinated action and initiative are needed from EU institutions and leaders, to show readiness and responsibility. Rather, the EU is showing a lack of decisiveness, delayed initiative and struggle to fight and properly address the pandemic.

On December 21st 2019, Chinese authori