• Nadezhda Kamenkovich

Russia and Covid-19

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A controversial issue

Russia’s response to Covid-19 has recently become a hot topic of discussion. Several media giants have published articles questioning the objectivity of the Russian official statistics of the coronavirus death rates. The New York Times and Financial Times claimed that the death toll in Russia could be 70 times higher than the official numbers. Bloomberg published a similar article titled «Experts want to know why the coronavirus killed more Russians», which caused an immediate reaction of the Russian Foreign Office and the government and was later changed.

The Russian authorities refuted the allegations, stating that they did not hide any data, though some deaths were not represented in official statistics since they were caused by diseases not connected to Covid-19 like strokes, cancer, etc... The Russian Foreign Office demanded to publish a refutation of the articles, while some Russian newspapers, that also questioned the objectivity of the Russian official statistics, were then brought to trial by the authorities.