• Adrian Waters

Of ‘Bombs’ and Hybrid Regimes: How the Macedonian Colourful Revolution went full circle

macedonian election

The Swiss-French journalist Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749-1800) wrote in his essay on the French Revolution that, like the ancient Roman god Saturn, the revolution devours its own children [1].This is certainly the case for those who led and participated in the Colourful Revolution in Macedonia (2014-16) and it provides a basis to better understand the country’s current political climate.

The Macedonian Prime Minister and leader of the governing SDSM party, Zoran Zaev, resigned in January 2020 after Macron’s France blocked the start of EU accession talks with Skopje in October 2019. He was replaced by a caretaker administration which will rule the Republic until the early parliamentary election scheduled for April that was later postponed to 15th July due to the coronavirus pandemic [2]. It can be argued that this was predictable because of a scandal involving the Macedonian Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO).