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The Institute Presents: Traditions of New Years 2020-21

And there we have it, closing the end of what can only be called a tumultous year. At this point we want to give thanks to all of those people who have helped us through this year! It's been a busy one for us all at the Institute, as we've taken such steps as moving concretely to Brussels, becoming a registered NGO, and publishing the second volume of our journal. To all those who have read, written, or supported us in any way, thank you! May 2021 be as good as 2020 was bad, and brinh much happiness to you and your family.

From Philippe


Thanks to all those who have contributed to this series for the past few years, we've added a few more this year for you to look at!

Armenia - Noemi Akopian

Azerbaijan - Ceyhun Əliyev

Belarus – German Carboni