• Piotr Marczyński

V4’s Geopolitical Solidarity and its Limitations

By Piotr Marczyński


On the 19th of August, the presidents of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic issued a joint statement supporting “the right of the people of Belarus to free, fair and democratic presidential elections”. Moreover, the heads of state expressed their commitment to the political solution to the crisis, calling upon the European Council to facilitate dialogue between Belarusian authorities and protestors. The last point of the statement might be, however, the most relevant, as it showcased a political will to produce a joint Visegrád Four (V4) statement. Namely, it “calls on any foreign actors to refrain from actions that would undermine Belarus’ independence and sovereignty”. Under the pretence of endorsing Belarus’ right to self-govern, V4 is sending a clear signal to Russia to back off.