• Jakub Stepaniuk

What recently happened in Poland (so far)?

By Jakub Stepaniuk

I personally feel ashamed to write another commentary piece regarding my dear homeland of Poland, especially in the light of events that conquer the first pages of global media outlets. To me, analysing Poland’s ruling party, Law and Justice’s policies resemble a game of cat and mouse. Public opinion tends to designate a critical line of political decency, whose transgression seems just impossible. We are prone to say then that the government has ultimately reached the end, one cannot get further than subjugating the Constitutional Court to the ruling party, juxtaposing the LGBT community with Bolshevik ideology, and cutting trees in one of the oldest forests in Europe. These apparently impassable walls will remain as long as someone from the party ranks would decide to thrust or cross them again, so does the President by approving the enthronisation of Jesus for Polish king, or our National Museum by erecting a monument of a Pope wading in a puddle of blood, struggling to hurl a huge rock in the centre of Warsaw. This might seem like a ludicrous and grotesque slumber, a great source for viral memes and golden Youtube covers. Nevertheless, we, the citizens of these bittersweet lands, stop having fun when we realise that the absurd might infringe on our human and constitutional rights.

When does the apparent infinity of governmental hypocrisy meet its end? Is this end called by a complete ban on abortions, even in cases when a foetus lacks a brain and can jeopardise the life of women during deliveries? What lessons can be drawn so far from the on-going crisis?

Poster with one the current protests’ key slogans: “Fuck off”. The author, Jarek Kubicki, remade original Solidarnosc (Solidarity) posters from the eighties.

History seems to repeat itself…