The Institute itself is a youth-led non-profit think tank, based in Brussels,

focussed on European integration, pan-European issues, and the place of

Europe in the wider world. Through our diverse and non-partisan writing,

we seek to encourage a new generation of Europeans and Policymakers to

connect our world ever closer together.


The Institute is always looking for excited and engaged young students or recent graduates for our work across Europe and beyond. If you are interested, find below which positions are currently available and get in contact with us as soon as possible! All applications are welcome!

Please note that all positions are volunteering/unpaid, with the possibility to work remotely​​

Open Vacancies
There are no open vacancies at the moment. Yet, if you're interested in becoming a part of the team, as a writer or editor, feel free to send us an email.
Application process

To apply, please send a 1-page CV and letter of motivation to, writing the subject line "Name of the vacancy -  Application, First and last name". i.e. "Head of the Chair EU/IP Studies - Application John Smith".​ Candidates must be able to articulate why their backgrounds are relevant to our work in the fields of international relations. Thus, the letter of motivation should include:

  • Your motivation and how this position aligns with your career path/goals;
  • Your experience in participating/working in (related) organisations/boards; 
  • An overview of your expected achievements.
Diversity at the IGE
​As an organization dedicated to pursuing global engagement and peace, we believe our work is enriched and should be informed by a diverse array of perspectives, thus our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community.
Equal gender and ethnic representation in think tanks are highly unbalanced, help us by applying or promoting to anyone interested!
​In case of any doubt regarding a vacancy do not hesitate to contact us through