The Greater European Journal Vol.1 Num.1 2019

Renaissance of the Nation State

In our debut journal we investigate sovereignty in Europe and its varying definitions and ideas across Greater Europe. Thank you to all our writers and editors who helped with this process! 

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Article List

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Western Europe and Atlantic

      A Study on the question of nationalism and the rule of law: Brexit

           By Carla Bassu, Diego Sánchez and Philippe Mombaers

     Charles de Gaulle and his “Europe of Nations”

           By Adrian Waters


Central and South East Europe

     Democratization and Growth: Post-Communism as a Modern or Postmodern         Phenomenon?

          By Daniel Petcu

     Balkan National Republics: Between Violence and Malaise

          By Jakub Stepaniuk


Eastern Europe and Russia

     The Era Of Chaos: How The Symbiosis Of Media And The Right-Wing Wave Are     Rupturing The Foundation Of Democracy

          By Mikhail Zakharov

     The Rise of the European Russian State: How the Diplomacy and Foreign Policy  of the Early Russian Tsars and Peter the Great Contributed to the Europeanization of Russia

          By Jack H. Lashendock

     Civilisational Clashes in the Post-Soviet Space

          By Tom Wagenmakers

Middle East and North Africa

     A state for all its citizens? The Nation-State Law and Israel’s constitutional transformation to a Nation-State of the Jewish People

          By Robin F.C. Schmahl


     Why is Western Education forbidden? The impact of colonialism on the rise of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria

          By Robin F.C. Schmahl