The Greater European Journal Vol.2 Num.1 2020

In our second issue, published admist what can only be described as an "eventful" year, we wish to present an interesting and insighful cross-section of research from across the continent, reaching all the way from legal troubles in Britain to Japanese foreign policy. As always, we highly thank the authors and peer reviewers for their excellent work, and of course you the readers, for always keeping us going!

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Article List

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Western Europe And Atlantic

      Intra-Institutional Europeanisation In Action: Dg Near And Dg Just Side-By-Side        Fight In The Battle For The Rule Of Law

            By Martina Di Gaetano


     Brief Critical Approach To The New Eu-Uk Relationship Agreement Through               International Law

           By Diego Sánchez Borjas


Central And South East Europe

      The Power Of Populism In Foreign Policy Discourse- The Case Of The Czech                President

            By Joya Fadel

      To What Extent Can Turkish (Neo)-Ottomanism Challenge The Eu In The                    Balkans?

            By Jakub Stepaniuk


Eastern Europe And Russia

      European Union And Eap Countries։ A Successful Case Of Association

            By Suren Minasyan

      A Greater European Fta: Economic Gains Yet Socio-Political Pains For Moscow?

            By Michael Martin Richter


Middle East And North Africa

      Everlasting Is Their Heritage: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Historical Revisionism

            By Robin F.C. Schmahl

      Russia’s Tightrope Diplomacy In The Middle East – Feet Of Clay Or Solid                      Grounds?

            By Timothée Albessard


      The Partnership Agreements With Japan As A Part Of Structural Foreign Policy

           By Yuki Moritani